Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bullet Run Movie

Bullet Run movieDirector Rob Cohen (who brought us Fast & Furious and xXx) is going to work on Bullet Run, an upcoming action thriller movie based on a script by Andrew Hilton. The film is touted as a Fast and Furious film in the desert, so I guess we may expect lot of action. No word about the cast. And there's no official release date yet.

Thanks to Deadline here's the plot synopsis of Bullet Run:

"The head of an elite private protection team and his former CIA agent wife infiltrate the closed borders of Iran to abduct a man who killed their daughter. The extraction goes awry and they force to rely on their world-class driving skills and a fleet of high-performance street cars to travel 200 miles through a hail of bullets to keep alive the man they really want dead."

Er, do they really have high-performance street cars in Iran? Do those extremist mullahs allow the poor citizens of Iran to own such sexy cars? Should we expect Ferrari and Porsche car, or rather Humvees and monster buggies?

Anyway, more details about the movie Bullet Run soon!